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Come by for pancakes…

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Group 4 – “IIIIIIIIII”

Group 4 met in the dead of night to collaboratively experiment with the 8th floor atrium space. The shed was disassembled and reconfigured in relation to the materials we’d collected. This video shows some of the stages that the space went through. The final outcome is presented toward the end.

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Presence at 615 champagneur – Muriel Jaouich

this site-specific installation project takes place in my apartment building. my idea was to explore presence in this building where much of my life takes place. i brought in and cared for three greenhouses in the building. i was interested in simply being present and observing what would emerge. at one point, i brought in animal figurines and i slowly stepped away and they  became the presence. we had entered into a dialogue. i would play with them, and so did my neighbors. everyday i am discovering a different form of presence. this is a way for us to communicate, to enter into dialogue.


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Initially, some concern was shown by the administration:

The shed was full one day… 

 and the next had disappeared.

It had found a new autonomy. 

 only to be single-handedly rectified by this man.

Meanwhile in the display case… 



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Hannah’s Doodle Tent Project

Hey friends,

Here are my photos documenting my doodle tent project that I showed last Friday in case you want to take another look. I will also post updates when I set up in new places!

Happy Sunday!



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Sugar Shed – Friday, April 13th!


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